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Daycare Program

South Haven Christian School Pre-K and Daycare is a Christian facility.  Therefore, we are interested in the spiritual development of your child, as well as the physical, emotional, social and intellectual.  

In our infant classes we offer your child love and affection while trying to mimic what you are doing at home by following the same schedule and taking an interest in finding out your child’s likes and dislikes. We are also happy to help in the many milestones and changes that occur in your child’s first year of life.


> Infants

No Curriculum

Milestones to reach before moving to 1-year-old class:
   Drink from a cup
   Pick up food
   Off bottle and formula

Infants are interacted with in various ways throughout the day. We…
   Talk to them
   Sing to them
   Affectionately touch them
   Get on the floor with them if physically able
   Help with hand/eye coordination
   Help with next milestone – ex. Crawling, walking, etc.


> One-Year-Olds
Our one-year-old class is divided into two groups. We have a young one-year-old class                      (approx.12-18 months) and an older one-year-old class (approx. 18-24 months) in order to be able to do more age appropriate activities. In the ones, your child will sing, be read to, color, finger paint, learn through play, have sensory activities, act out alphabet flash cards to encourage speech and a growing vocabulary, go for a stroll in our 6 passenger stroller, visit our indoor playroom, outside time weather permitting and more.
ABeka Curriculum
   Nursery Arts and Crafts (18 to 24 mos.)

   Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, Black, Brown
   Shapes: Circle, Square, Triangle and Rectangle

   Numbers: 1-5 (if class masters 1-5, then go to 10)

   Letters: ABC song

   Parts of Body: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, toes, head,      chin, knees, shoulders, elbows.

How to color with crayons (without putting them in their mouth).
How to keep their shoes on.
How to sit in a chair.
How to put toys away.
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