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Preschool Program

South Haven Christian School Pre-K and Daycare is a Christian facility.  Therefore, we are interested in the spiritual development of your child, as well as the physical, emotional, social and intellectual.  We offer your child readiness activities through our preschool program with Language Development, Math, Art, Science, Learning Centers, Music and Movement Education.  This will better prepare your child for a happier adjustment in Kindergarten.  

> K2 Classes

ABeka Curriculum
    Learning Numbers with Button Bear
    Arts and Crafts with Button Bear
    Child Art for 2s
    Preschool Bible Coloring Sheets

Colors:  Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Purple, Pink, Green, White, Black, Brown                                                  
Shapes:  Circle, Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Star, Diamond, Heart, Oval, Hexagon, Pentagon

Numbers:  Counting 1-25
                   Recognition/Concept 1-10

Letters:  A-Z Letter Recognition and (Introduce) Sounds

Memorize: 12 Bible Verses & 12 Poems    

How to raise their hand to talk.
How to go to assigned seat or special place on carpet.
How to put toys away.    
How to line up/walking in line with a buddy.
How to sit in chair with hands on their lap.
How to keep their eyes on the  teacher.
> K3 Classes

ABeka Curriculum
    Numbers and Skills with Button Bear
    Letters and Sounds 3s
    Arts and Crafts with Amber Lamb

Numbers: Counting 1-30 (if class masters 1-30, then go to 50)
                 Recognition/Concept 1-15

Letters: A-Z (introducing name, sound, formation upper and lowercase)                
             Short vowel sounds.
Bible Memory:  At least 20 Picture Bible Memory Cards (verse with reference)
Days of Week (with concept of yesterday, today, tomorrow)
Months of Year
How to hold a pencil correctly.
How to write their first name.
How to walk in a single line.
How to Identify left hand and right hand.
> K4 Classes

ABeka Curriculum
    Little Books 1-12
    Animal Friends Books - optional
    ABC and 123
    Manuscript ABC Writing Tablet
    Manuscript Writing with Phonics K4
    Readiness Skills K4
    K4 Bible Activity Book
    Miniature Bible Memory Picture Cards

Numbers: Counting 1-100 (by 1s and 10s)
                   Recognition/Concept  1-20
                   Concept of numbers before and after, more and/or less

Letters: Connecting letters (sound out blends and words)
              A-Z (name, sound, formation upper and lower case)
             Recognize vowels and consonants
             Read one vowels words

Bible Memory:  A-Z Bible Verses (i.e. “A verse, All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.  
                           Romans 3:23”)
How to write their first and last name.
How to hold and cut with scissors correctly.
How to sit and work independently and quietly for short periods of time.
How to walk in boy/girl line.
How to identify their birthday.
How to identify classifications (name a color, vegetable, something with wheels etc.)
How to learn analogies (Fire is hot, and ice cube is cold, Sugar is sweet, a lemon is sour)
***In September, we teach a Personal Awareness curriculum to our K3-K4 classes***
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