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            Thank you for your interest in South Haven Christian School Pre-K and Daycare!  Please take a few moments to browse though our website to see what South Haven Christian School Pre-K and Daycare has to offer your child.

            Here at South Haven, children are taught using the KJV Bible and the A Beka Book Curriculum.  Each child will have the opportunity to learn from a Christian perspective by using basic Biblical principles and making them practical to your child.  It is our goal to create an atmosphere of love and understanding in which your child may come to know God’s love for him/her, through our encouragement, Bible stories and prayer. We offer your child readiness activities through our preschool program with Language Development, Math, Art, Science, Learning Centers, Music and Movement Education.  This will better prepare your child for a happier adjustment in Kindergarten.   

            Our regular school schedule runs from the middle of August until the end of May.  To better fit the needs of the children, we promote infants and 1-year-olds as closely to their birthday as possible and in the 2 through 4-year-old classes; we will promote some children to the next class at the end of the school year and the others at the beginning of August each year. Because we promote the preschool age children with the school year, your child will spend an extended time in the 1 or 2-year-old class depending upon their birthday.  The state requires that after children turn 2 they should be promoted to the next age group dependent upon their age on August 15th.

            In order for your child to promote to the 1 year old class, they must be drinking from a cup, no longer on formula and able to pick up their own food. In order for your child to begin in the 3 year old or 4 year old class, they must be fully “potty trained”.  We understand that an occasional accident may occur.  If a recurring problem arises, your child may be asked to leave until they are trained.

           We encourage you to research and visit more than one daycare/preschool in your search to find the best fit for your family. If you feel South Haven Christian School Pre-K and Daycare is the best fit for your family, please follow the below steps of enrollment.

> Application
Click on the link below to request an application. The application can be dropped off in the preschool lobby or emailed/faxed to us. Once we receive your application, then you will be added to our waiting list. Contact the Pre-K or Daycare Director for more information.




> Tour
Contact Amy Crowder at 615-384-5073 or e-mail her at to set up a tour to see our facility and allow us to answer any questions that you may have.

Upon acceptance to our Pre-K and Daycare, the next step is the actual enrollment. Parents will receive a welcome package that includes our Parent's Handbook and enrollment paperwork (with information we are required to have by the state of Tennessee). 

All paperwork must be complete BEFORE the child’s first day.

> Waiting list

 If you are pregnant or there is no availability, your child will go on a waiting list.

There are many factors that can affect the waiting list, please contact our Pre-K or Daycare office to learn more about the way the waiting list works. Please be aware that we have limited spots. Once we have each spot filled, the waiting list will not change until a new spot becomes available.

> Payments

There is no security deposit required. Registration fees, book fees and supply fees will be due the first week of attendance.

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