Leadership Team

 Preschool Director

Alisha Ray

(2 - 4 year olds)

Daycare Director

Cynthia Hernandez
(6 wks- 1 year olds)

Our Preschool and Daycare Teachers

Sharon Adams
Infant room Teacher
Margaret Bayliss
Infant room Teacher
Dottie Feight
Infant room Teacher
Ruby Wix
Infant room Teacher
Evelyn Wilson
Infant room closer
Eva Starnes
1's Teacher
Suki Kumm
1's Floater
Anne Dutton
2's Teacher
Beth Barnhill
2's Teacher
Rebecca Harville
2's Teacher
Cassandra Austin
2's co-Teacher
Esther Hart
2's Floater
Tammy Churchill
2's co-Teacher
Leslie Martin
2's Closer
Lindsay Farrell
3's Teacher
Nikki Maroof
3's Teacher
Shelia Davis
3's Teacher
Arlene Soto
3's co-Teacher
Allamenda Arndell
4's Teacher
Emily Green
4's Teacher
Jamie Crosslin
4's Teacher
Sabrina Lash
4's Teacher
Katelyn Braswell
Preschool and Daycare Substitute
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What we require of our employees:

  • A 10 digit fingerprinted which is run through the TBI and FBI for full background checks

  • To be certified in pediatric and adult CPR and first aid

  • To conduct regular fire, storm and lock down drills

  • To participate in continuous training and in-services throughout the year.

 As Christian role models,

we desire to be a mirror that reflects the love of Jesus Christ through humility, consistency, unconditional love and cooperativeness. In and through Christ we strive to help parents lay foundational blocks that will build Christian character in the children we have the privilege to teach and care for.





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